Turquoise Shapes Bib </br> [Pre-Order]
Turquoise Shapes Bib </br> [Pre-Order]

Turquoise Shapes Bib

Whether you're up for a long-distance ride or a quick sprint around the city, the Turquoise Shapes Bib features maximum breathability and the ultimate in comfort. When you're racing against your personal best, the last thing you want is your shorts giving you discomfort or falling down. Believe us, we've been there! This is the reason we just had to include dependable cycling bibs across our ranges, and our Turquoise Shapes Bib is one of the best you can invest in. Designed using the most flexible and breathable fabrics imported from Italy and featuring silicon bands to keep short bottoms firmly where they belong.

Strictly for pre-order only. We are anticipating delivery second week in Sept.

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