5 Ways to Stay Cool on Your Long Bike Rides

We’ve all been there. You’re out on an extra long ride, on an extra hot day, and you just don’t feel like yourself. Well, it might be heatstroke! Or you’re legitimately lost (but that’s besides the point).

On a serious note… as much as I’d hate to admit this (especially to the cycling community), I’ve suffered through multiple heatstroke episodes. Let’s just say, I don’t wish that experience on anyone -- not even my worst enemy.

Before I dive into a few tips to stay cool, please (and this goes without saying), if you feel as though you’re suffering from heatstroke, go to the hospital ASAP.

Okay, now here are 5 tips to keep you cool:

1. Get on the Road Nice and Early
The less you’re in the sun, the better. Trust me, as much as waking up for a 5am ride sucks, experiencing heatstroke sucks that much more. Plus, you’ll get more of your weekend back to do other things than cycle (though cycling is obviously #1). Win win!

2. Wear a Cycling Cap

Shocker -- cycling caps aren’t just for style; they are also a great way to keep the sun from beaming on your scalp for hours on end. You best protect your neck… and your head. Yes, that was a Wu-Tang reference… okay, next tip!

3. Pour Water on the Back of Your Neck
Try to do this every 30 to 45 minutes or so. Seems like a super simple trick, but one that will help you quickly drop your overheated temperature on a long ride. Make sure not to pour too much… save enough to keep you hydrated, and refill often!

4. Get a Pair of Arm-Coolers
This may seem strange, but layering during extreme heat does the body more good than harm. This way, you keep your skin from looking (and feeling) extra crispy.

5. Take. A. Break.
Feeling overheated? Put the brakes on and take a few minutes to cool down -- in a shady area, if possible! I know, I know -- the idea of stopping and ruining your average speed is a killer. But get yourself “auto pause” enabled, and take a darn break.

Hopefully, you haven’t experienced heat stroke first hand, and avoid future run ins with it in the future thanks to these quick tips -- wohoo.

Have more tips? Feel free to leave comments below!

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