3 Strategies To Not Give Up On Your Next Ride

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Maybe I’m only speaking on behalf of myself or maybe I’m talking about any athlete...ever. Every single one of us wants to call it quits at some point in our training. It could be before you head out for a ride, halfway through the distance you originally set for yourself, and/or setting goals that aren’t driving your performance forward.

I’ve personally felt the pressure (self induced of course) of setting goals that might seem somewhat unrealistic, but in my mind they are totally achievable if I stick with it. Here’s a quick roundup of things that keep me going even when I’d rather quit.

  1. Make your goals public. I find setting expectations within my friend circle makes me feel more committed to those goals, knowing my friends will ask me later on how it went, and me always wanting to stride to new feets.

  2. Post on social media what you’d like to accomplish every week. I find building a community of likeminded people will really motivate me towards new achievements.

  3. Find the balance between realistic and motivating. It’s very common to do the same thing over and over, without really pushing yourself to do better. Try pushing yourself a little harder next time, then again, and so on. Find out where that sweet spot is for your training and continue to improve week over week (or every month).

At all costs, listen to your body, it’s going to be the number one indicator if you are either not pushing yourself hard enough or over training. We’ve all been on both ends of that spectrum and I can speak with confidence that there is a place where your training is pushing you and at a pace that your body can handle.

Remember, rest isn’t your enemy (I am publicly posting this, that way my friends and family can remind me to take a day off…)!

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  • I will always strive on new feets.

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